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First we understand your business and then we protect it.

World Star has launched a new Global Security Operations service. The service brings together World Star Security’s entire suite of technology solutions to offer a ‘tech-smart’ and seamless way for businesses to keep their premises, people and customers safe and secure.

Our Strength lies in the people that we employ, World Star Security believes that we have the best staff in the industry. Our Aim to protecting our Assets, Keeping us Crime free & protecting our most valuable resource,our people.

Our Vision
Working together to make a great place to live, work and enjoy.
Our Values
Making a difference, doing the right thing, being bold and confident.
Our Behaviours
We should demonstrate our values by being positive, supportive, flexible, and innovative.
Positive: I maintain a “can do” attitude and a smile
Create an encouraging and optimistic environment and bring others with me
Approach others in a pleasant, happy and upbeat manner
Maintain enthusiasm in difficult times
Demonstrate commitment to my own service and to the Council
Demonstrate an "I care" attitude
Supportive: I create an environment where the people I work with feel valued and respected and have confidence to develop
Understand the council’s priorities and work towards a common goal
Work across boundaries to develop relationships, share information and keep others informed
Listen to the views of others allowing the best way forward to be found
Communicate in a courteous and respectful manner
Behave in ways that promote the fair and equal treatment of all
Flexible: Adapting the way I work, I can deal confidently with change and accept new and different ideas and approaches
Accept that change is an integral part of working at World Star
Demonstrate an open mind to new ideas and proposals
Display a willingness to do things differently
View change in working practices as an opportunity for improving and developing
Adopt a flexible approach to meet the team’s requirements
Innovative: I work to develop new ideas and workable solutions to drive the Council forward
Question currently accepted ways of doing things
Implement good ideas, learn from others, both internally and externally
Identify novel ways of resolving issues using own initiative
Suggest and trying out new approaches
Challenge the status quo in a constructive way

Security personnel are needed in a huge range of industries. We are a professional security recruitment agency that specialise in matching security professionals with their perfect placements in industries including leisure, maritime, border control and aviation to name just a few. The security industry is large and varied and we can provide skilled and professional personnel from across the globe whose skills sets match the placement perfectly.

All of our security professionals work towards the highest standards of practice which include ISO 9001:2008 for the provision of manned guarding, key holding and alarm response and BS 7984:2008 in terms of keyholding and response services. We carry out extensive screening before employing any individuals according to the British guidelines BS 7858:2006 +A2:2009.


We provide security solution for buinesses of all sizes and get the best security for your business or HOMES.

Fire Alarm and Security System .

Together we save lives

The Alarm Receiving Centre is the place which receives and attends to the signals from the Alarm systems of our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

The main function of the Alarm Receiving Centre is to know what is happening in the homes and businesses of our customers to ensure their safety.

Here our Security Advisers will quickly and efficiently verify the various signals received to include theft, SOS and more; and once confirmed, if necessary we will arrange for our Guard to come and inspect your property.

please follow the link http://worldstargoa.acnshop.eu

Select Home Security Partnership.

Some of the positions that we match up trained security professionals with include:

  • Vacant property security

  • Border control and Airport security

  • Retail Security

  • Maritime security

  • Reception services

  • Security consultancy – advisors, surveys, audits

  • Keyholding

  • Manned guarding

  • CCTV monitoring

  • Security dog handling

  • Feel Totally Safe with our Excellent Security Services Staff

    Nothing is more important than the safety and well being of you and your loved ones. We know that the security of your property, finances, business, assets and family is very important, which is why Perfect Household Staff only supplies the very best security services to our clients.

    Our staff is comprised by well trained and experienced professionals. Many of our professionals are ex police or ex military. However, others are simply experienced industry professionals. We have an enviable reputation within the security market.

    We offer a wide range of services, from security staff to consultancy and professional investigations teams. We are delighted to offer the following services to our clients:

    • Private Intelligence Analyst Services.
    • Close Protection SIA UK: We offer 24/7 bodyguard services as well as a one-time service for exceptional events. We asses and then we provide the appropriate protection services.

    Vacant property works (security, protection, boarding up, cleaning etc)


    Our vacant property protection services give you the peace of mind that your property is safe, secure and being cared for. We can provide candidates and clients with many positions relating to the protection of vacant properties; these include cleaning, boarding up and ongoing security of the property. These services do not only help your property to remain untouched by thieves but will also help to retain the property’s value while meeting insurance requirements.


    Border control and Airport security


    Border control and airport security staff are highly trained specialists that are equipped to deal with possibly very volatile and dangerous situations. You may be in need of border control or general airport security personnel to provide a manned presence in the critical areas of an airport. Our highly trained staff members have a large variety of skills such as patrolling, securing and monitoring premises, guarding valuable or precious cargo, searches of aircraft, passengers and luggage as well as general supervision or the airport boundaries.


    Retail Security


    Theft and damage is a huge problem for many retail businesses and can be a threat to livelihood if not met with a strong security presence. Security personnel can be a huge asset to retail businesses both as a deterrent to thieves as well as for staff protection. The risk of theft, damage and attacks on members of staff are significantly reduced when you utilise a trained security specialist from World Star Recruitment.


    Maritime security


    Within our database of experienced security personnel, we have a number of highly trained maritime security specialists. These potential employees are well equipped to assist in the protection of maritime vessels for both long and short journeys. There are many threats to the maritime industry, such as piracy, and our Maritime security specialists can help to protect your personnel and your assets from any threat that may occur. All of the maritime security personnel that we provide have suitable qualifications and experience as well as the knowledge of worldwide international treaties and national laws.


    Reception services


    We can provide trained staff members that provide both protection and customer services. We have provided security reception services for a variety of hotels, casinos, public buildings and offices. Having a security presence in your reception area, either behind the desk or just at the door can be paramount in the safety of your guests and employees. With a friendly and positive approach, we can provide you with employees trained in both customer services and security protocol.


    Security consultancy – advisors, surveys, audits


    World Star Recruitment Solution not only specialises in security recruitment but also in the provision of security consultancy. We can help you to understand where your potential security risks are and how to solve them. We can undertake surveys and audits of their home, commercial property, event or even change of office to address specific security needs and develop an effective security assessment.




    Keyholding services provide you with rapid response security and deployment of experienced staff members. If you feel like you need some non-invasive, extra safety precautions for your home, keyholding may be the answer. Our team of trained security specialists will react any time of the day or night whenever your alarm is activated, providing first handrapid response to any potential threat.


    Manned guarding


    Sometimes the only protection that is needed at an event or property is a physical presence. We provide experienced personnel for manned guarding purposes across a huge range of industries. Manned guarding can include the undertaking of patrols and surveillance in order to prevent unauthorised access, occupation, damage, theft or any unlawful conduct. We can provide security personnel for a wide range of manned guarding purposes including commercial and retail properties, industrial and manufacturing properties and organised events.


    CCTV monitoring


    There are huge benefits to having manned CCTV operations on your property. We can provide CCTV monitoring staff members that are well equipped to respond to any number of infractions or unlawful actions. Having manned CCTV can be a clear deterrent to thieves, add protection for people and property, and act as visual verification and proof of any unlawful conduct such as theft or damage. CCTV monitoring can give you peace of mind that your home, shop or commercial property is well protected.


    Security dog handling


    Security dogs are a brilliant asset to have when you need that extra layer of security. In order to utilise security dogs in the most effective way, a professional security dog handler is always advised. We can source these professionals from all over the world in order to provide you with first class protection for your home, commercial property or even at large events. Dog handling is a unique security asset and we only recommend the very best dog handlers with the highest qualification and skill.